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Terms & Conditions

SEOPlus.ae owns and operates this website. Terms of Use Agreement defines all the terms and conditions under which you can access and use this website. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions by accessing and using this website(SEOPlus.ae).

If you don’t accept the terms and conditions of the SEOPlus.ae – a website, you must stop using it.

SEOPlus.ae reserves the right to revise this agreement at any time by updating this website. Use of the website after changes indicates your agreement to these revised terms. You are suggested to visit this page periodically to keep reviewing this Agreement.

Ownership of Material, Software Licenses & Intellectual Property Rights

All materials accessible through this website i.e., articles, images, illustrations, code & computer software, texts, illustrations and, a website, itself, are fully protected under International copyright laws, and are owned by SEOPlus.ae.

Any type of modification, reproduction, alteration, posting or uploading onto the internet (even placing on any other website), redistribution, transmission or any content – whether in part or in whole, without written permission of SEOPlus.ae is prohibited.

All software located on, embedded in, or at this website with computer codes of all types and/or files, images contained in are protected by copyright and also protected by other rights. All software contained in the website is protected by SEOPlus.ae, its licensors or any third-party accredited with ownership of any that software. You are hence granted the rights to access and use the software integrated and embedded into SEOPlus.ae – a website, subject to:

(i) to all terms of this agreement, and
(ii) to any other terms and conditions that apply to use and downloading of any such software; a personal, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license to;
a) Install and run one copy of the software in object-code format for your non-commercial, and personal use on a non-networked computer; and
b) You can only reproduce Software only when it’s required reasonably to install, run, and make necessary backup copies as per allowed by the law.

Apart from the permitted limitations clearly defined in this Agreement, you may NOT:

(i) sell, rent, lease, license, transfer, and trade access to the software;
(ii) use, reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, download or transmit the software in whole or in part;
(iii) remove, cover, alter any proprietary notices or trademarks; and/or
(iv) decrypt, extract or reverse engineer the software, disassemble or assisting others in committing unethical activity Thing to Note: You can’t afford liberty for any title or right or a software integrated into this website as any breach will lead to breach of intellectual property rights of the software.

All software integrated into this website are provided without any kind of warranties, like:

a) that the Software is in conformity of any specification(s) related to the software;
b) that the Software will gave zero material defects;
c) that the software is fit for any particular purpose or possesses merchantable quality;
d) that the software is well-protected against computer viruses and other threats;
e) that the software is able to easily process time-bound and date-related data with zero interruptions, time-manipulation of data, and abnormal termination.


All of the content and the website is offered on ‘as is’ basis. You acknowledge and agree to use this website by accessing and using it at your own risk.

SEOPlus.ae makes no warranties related to this website and the content:

(i) that this website/content will be reliable, complete, timely or accurate;
(ii) that any content, information, software, data, product or service made available through this website will be fit for a particular purpose;
iii) that the operation of this website will be uninterrupted or error free;
(iv) that defects or errors in this website will be corrected;
(v) that this website will be free from viruses or harmful components; and
(vi) that all types of communications to and from SEOPlus.ae will be highly secure and un-intercepted.

All information on this website is for one big purpose – to inform you clearly. We don’t intend to offer any legal, financial, accounting, and investment advice to people. Likewise, you shouldn’t rely upon any such information by us.

SEOPlus.ae doesn’t give warranty of anything. Neither, it represents any one related to the content of this website. SEOPlus.ae suggests you to get reliable independent professional advice regarding any matter about this website.

Limitation of Liability

(A) To the extent permitted by law, SEOPlus.ae is liable to you for negligence, tory, breach of these terms, statutory cause or any common law happens related to these terms. Hence, the content and the website is limited to the following depending upon SEOPlus.ae sole discretion:

(i) If the goods fall into any one or more the following cases:

     (a)The payment of the cost incurred in replacement or in acquiring equivalent goods;
     (b)The replacement or supply of equivalent good;
     (c)The repair;
     (d)The payment of the cost of the goods repaired;or

(ii) In the services case:
     (a) The payment of the cost of services supplied again; or
     (b)The supply of the services again.

(B) To the extent permitted by law SEOPlus.ae is not liable to any direct, incidental, indirect/consequential damages, corruption/loss of data, loss of anticipated savings, loss of goodwill, profit, bargain, and any opportunity resulting from access to, or use of the content and the website.

(C) In case, if a jurisdiction allows the exclusion or limitation of liability as per paragraphs (A) or (B), but enables a limitation of a certain extent – in this situation, our liability would be limited to that certain extent.

Important Note: SEOPlus.ae, its management, its employees is not liable to any loss, damage (indirect, incidental, consequential, and special), injury, or any expense in any way; whatsoever from (i) omissions, conduct, act of any third-party user, (ii) inability to use any software, content, goods, materials, or services located at any other website linked to and from SEOPlus.ae.

If you decide to use any linked website or content, software, services, materials, and goods from a website linked to SEOPlus.ae, then you will do so entirely on your own discretion. You hereby let go SEOPlus.ae, its management, and employees, from any damage caused by your and concur to not file any claims against them as a result of the purchase/use of services or products from this website or any third-party through this website.

Advertisements, Features, Links, and Downloads

SEOPlus.ae contains links to various third-party web sites. These links are solely provided as a convenience to you but SEOPlus.ae doesn’t endorse any such content from third-party web sites. We never take any responsibility for the accuracy of the content and have zero liability to you for such material or a consequence happens as a result of the use of the links provided. Your purchase of products or services from one of those websites linked through SEOPlus.ae is subject to agreements and terms and conditions in effect between service provider or product owner(s) at those websites. You agree that SEOPlus,ae is not responsible for any claim or you can’t bring any lawsuit against it or its affiliates based on your purchase/use of services at other websites.

Links at SEOPlus.ae don’t imply that it is or any of its affiliates endorses, sponsored, or is affiliated or associated with any of those tradenames, logos, trademarks, or copyright symbols accessible through links available at SEOPlus.ae. Same way, no other company or website is authorized to use any trade name, trademarks, logos, and copyright symbols of SEOPlus or any of its affiliates, no matter if they’re linked to/from SEOPlus.ae.

SEOPlus.ae is never responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of any third-party web site, nor it represents or gives warranty about third-party website including,

(i) any warranty aur favor related to accuracy, reliability, legality, suitability, efficiency, and completeness of any type of content available on third-party website;
(ii) any warranty or representation related to fitness of service or product for any specific purpose, software; development and supply of goods or services available through third-party websites; or
(iii) any guarantee that you will avail uninterrupted or error-free operations of the third-party web sites or no warranty of technical errors or defects on any third-party will be rectified/corrected by SEOPlus.ae. Plus, we don’t give guarantee that third-party websites will be free from harmful components and/or viruses.

SEOPlus.ae has an open policy related to links on it; however, it doesn’t give permission to links to & from any that third-party website which includes:

(i) unlawful, defamatory, abusive, libelous, vulgar, profane, pornographic, obscene, and indecent information, data, and posts. Plus, any content that constitutes/encourages bad conduct that can lead to a criminal offense, violation of international, national, state, or local law, or cause civil liability which can, consequently, damage/destroy credibility, operation, and/or reputation of SEOPlus.ae.
(ii) those posts which instigate racism, hatred, bigotry, or physical harm of any sort directed towards a particular individual or a group. We don’t allow content of third-party websites which can be harmful to minors or harasses another person. And, we are strict about content offering instructional information about committing illegal activities such as how to make or buy illegal weapons; or
(iii) posts about information and other material about how to violate or infringe the right of others, especially about invasion of privacy or those content and material guarded by trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights. So, SEOPlus.ae reserves the right to reject websites with any of that content, posts, and information at any time. Plus, you agree to remove any link(s) to those websites upon the straightforward request of SEOPlus.ae.


You agree to indemnify SEOPlus.ae, its management, its employees, licensors from & against any/all claims, liabilities, demands, expenses, costs with, without limitation, any disbursements, and legal fees as a result from following – directly or indirectly:

(i) inability to access/use SEOPlus.ae website, its content or content of other website linked through SEOPlus.ae from from time-to-time;
(ii) if you breach any of the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement;
(iii) your reliance on communication, publication, distribution; your uploading and/or downloading of anything from SEOPlus.ae website;
(iv) your violation of any law.

Registration and Use of Passwords

You may be asked to register with SEOPlus.ae to access specific pages and features of this website. You agree to;

(i) that SEOPlus.ae reserves the right to reject registration access of an individual or an organization at any time,
(ii) to share accurate, true, and current information about yourself and company while filling form provided by SEOPlus.ae and
(iii) to promptly update information you provided last time to keep it true, accurate, current – most importantly, maintained.

If SEOPlus.ae finds any information outdated, misleading, incomplete, and inaccurate – SEOPlus.ae, has the all rights to terminate and/or suspend your access to and from this website (SEOPlus.ae). As a matter of fact: We use personal information as a mandatory part of the registration process clearly governed by the terms of SEOPlus.ae privacy policy.

To access any particular page of this website; you will be required to create a username and password; you will receive it while going through the registration process. So, it’s your responsibility to keep the confidentiality of the password and account information protected and intact. You will only be responsible for all activities happening using your account and password. You agree to notify and inform SEOPlus.ae immediately if you find any unauthorized thing happening through your account or there’s a breach of security. Therefore, you must ensure to log out from your account at the end of every session. SEOPlus.ae can not and will not be liable for any loss due to your failure to keep your password and account protected.

Security of Information on the Internet

Keep in Mind: Generally, all the information sent/received over the internet is insecure. Hence, SEOPlus.ae does not give warranty of security, compactness of communication from and to SEOPlus.ae. Plus, we can not and do not warranty anything regarding the breach of personal and confidential data and information by third-parties.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Excluding linked websites, this website is controlled by SEOPlus.ae: A digital agency based in Dubai, UAE. Once you access or use this site, you hereby agree to all matters related to your use of, access to, this website; because this website is governed by the laws of state Dubai and the laws of United Arab Emirates (UAE). So, you unequivocally agree and, therefore, submit the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal Court of the United Arab Emirates and the courts of state of Dubai.