Annual Website Maintenance & Support Services in UAE

Finding a company that provides website annual maintenance and support services in the UAE can be essential for the smooth operation and security of your online presence. These services typically include regular updates, security monitoring, content updates, and technical support.
Remember that website maintenance is an ongoing process, and regular attention to these aspects will help ensure that your website remains effective, secure, and competitive in the UAE market.

Our Annual Maintenance and Support Includes.

Security Updates

Ensuring your website is protected against vulnerabilities and malware. There are the web hosting companies providing the suits to protect your website which cost much expensive. Our team will take care of the website along with other metrics with the same cost.

Technical Support

 Providing assistance in case of website issues or downtime. Our team can check the issues immediately and rectify those issue within the prevision our developers would have.

Performance Optimization

We want keep your website running smoothly by optimizing its performance. This may involve cleaning up unnecessary code, compressing images, and improving page load times. In the UAE, where internet users expect fast-loading websites, performance is crucial

Content Updating

Update information about your products, services, contact details, and any other relevant content. This is particularly important for businesses in the UAE, where market trends and regulations can change rapidly. So our team can help in updating the information in the website.

Security Updates

We are regularly update your website’s security features to protect it from potential threats. This includes installing security patches, updating plugins or extensions, and maintaining strong passwords.

SEO Maintenance

Continuously optimize your website for search engines to ensure it ranks well in search results. This involves bad URL errors, redirections, 404 errors and staying up-to-date with SEO best practices.

Backup and Recovery

Regularly back up your website’s data and files to prevent data loss in case of a technical issue or security breach. Ensure that you have a reliable backup and recovery system in place.

Compliance with UAE Regulations

The UAE may have specific regulations and requirements for websites, especially if they deal with e-commerce or sensitive information. Ensure that your website complies with these regulations, such as data protection laws. We can give you the services to changes the products listed on your website.

Mobile Responsiveness

Given the prevalence of mobile device usage in the UAE, it’s crucial that your website is responsive and looks good on various screen sizes. Now a days, 80% users are on the mobile engaging with the useful data. We will consider this parameter in order to give the best experience to the users.

Social Media Integration

If you use social media for marketing and engagement, ensure that your website integrates seamlessly with your social media profiles and includes updated social media links.

User Experience (UX)

Our team is regularly reviewing and improving the user experience of your website. This includes checking for broken links, ensuring navigation is user-friendly, and optimizing the overall design.

Regular Testing

Conduct regular testing to identify and fix any issues that may arise. This includes functionality testing, cross-browser testing, and user testing to ensure your website works well for your target audience.

Content Marketing

Plan and execute a content marketing strategy to keep your website’s content fresh and engaging. This can help attract and retain the visitors. Any services you are adding we can help you in placing the new content by creating the new page with same layout of the website.

Performance Monitoring

We can use analytics tools to monitor the performance of your website. Track key metrics such as traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, and user behavior to make informed decisions.


Allocate a budget for annual website maintenance, as it’s an ongoing expense. Consider hiring in-house professionals with expertise in website maintenance if necessary will cost you every expensive. We can manage the website maintenance in our company with monthly basis or annual basis.

The information regarding the website maintenance process. To summarize, there are two scenarios:


  • If the website was developed by your company:
    • You can directly place an order for website maintenance.
    • You should choose the appropriate hours required for their website maintenance schedule.
  • If the website was not developed by your company:
    • You need to consult with our company before placing an order to check the website status.
    • After placing the order, you should send your website details within the next 3 to 4 hours as a reply to the order confirmation email.
    • The website maintenance contract starts from the date of receiving the payment.


It’s important to clarify the terms and conditions, pricing, and any specific requirements for website maintenance with your company to ensure a smooth process for your customers.

Website Maintenance Contract and Terms & Fees:

Payment Structure:

  • Customers can choose between a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month contract.
  • The fee for website maintenance must be paid in advance for any period choose.

Hour Allocation for Updates:

  • For e-commerce websites: Approximately one hour is reserved for every 6 product updates.
  • For information updates: You can update approximately 3 pages (projects/news) or one blog submission, or create two new pages (approximately A4 size) in a 1-hour duration.

Additional Work:

  • You will receive a monthly invoice for any additional work performed outside the weekly/monthly chosen hours.

Hour Rollover:

  • Weekly, biweekly, or monthly reserved hours cannot be carried forward to the next period.

How many update requests per month for each package:

  • Update Frequency:
    • Monthly 1 update: You are allowed 2 update requests per month.
    • Biweekly 1 update: You are allowed 2 update requests per bi-weekly period.
    • Weekly 1 update: You are allowed 1 update request per week.  
  • Work Completion Time:
    • Work is typically completed within 1 day, indicating a prompt response and turnaround time for update requests.
  • Website Customization/Layout Changes:
    • Any website customization or layout change requests are subject to additional costs. You should be informed of these additional charges and the process for requesting such changes.

These details provide clarity on the frequency of updates and the associated timeframes for completing them, as well as the potential additional costs for customization or layout changes. Clear communication of these terms to you is essential to ensure a smooth website maintenance process.

This information sets clear expectations regarding the scope of your website maintenance services and what is not included in the contract. It also emphasizes the need for clients to provide necessary content and clarifies the availability of other services for additional needs.

Features of Our Website Maintenance Contract in Dubai:

  • Free plugin updates
  • Free WordPress core updates
  • Free theme updates
  • Gallery updates
  • Project/pages updates
  • News and media updates
  • Free backup every week
  • Free troubleshooting
  • Take care of malicious issues on the website
  • Restore website backup in case of any emergency with 24 hours

Note: Contract Documentation:

  • You will receive a copy of the product information as a website contract at the end of the project, ensuring that all terms and conditions are documented for reference.
  • Online Support Only:
    • All website support is provided online, indicating that your interactions and requests should be made through online channels such as email.
  • Photography, Image, and Content:
    • The contract does not include services related to photography, image creation, or content writing.
    • Clients are responsible for providing the required photographs, images, and content for website updates.
  • Video Editing:
    • Video editing services are not included in the scope of the website maintenance contract. Customers should seek other services for video-related work.

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